My Neovim Setup in 2023

It's been years since I first started using neovim and I've been updating it regularly ever since.

I made changes to it by adding more plugins and beautiful color schemes, which were originally forked from Neovim-from-scratch.

I started managing all my packages using packer.nvim which has made things a lot easier. If you ever forget a key binding, the which-key.nvim plugin has been a lifesaver. And with the Copilot plugin, my coding productivity has skyrocketed.

I also have to give a shoutout to nvim-tree.lua for doing an amazing job and telescope.nvim for helping me find what I need quickly and easily.

If you're interested in my setup, you can check out my repo at And if you want to use it for yourself, just clone the repo to your ~/.config directory using the following command:

git clone ~/.config/nvim

Now, take a look at some screenshots.

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