Uptime with GitHub Actions

Hey, I just found this tool, so incredibly clever that it uses Github Actions for uptime monitor and status page.

Firstly, look at my Uptime Repo (https://github.com/duyet/uptime) and the Status Page (https://duyet.github.io/uptime) hosted by Github Page.



So cool, huh?

How it works

Upptime doesn't require a server, it's all powered by GitHub:

  1. GitHub Actions is used as an uptime monitor: users can schedule workflows to automatically run every 5-minutes (shortest interval) visits your websites and makes sure that they're up.
  2. GitHub Issues are used for incident reports: when a specified endpoint goes down, Upptime automatically opens a new issue in your GitHub repository.
  3. GitHub Pages are used for the status website: a beautiful, staticly-generated status website.

Getting started

Just follow the detailed tutorials here (https://upptime.js.org/docs/get-started), create your repository from the template with a few configuration.

Upptime uses thousands of build minutes every month (approximately 3,000 minutes in the default setting). If you use a public repository, GitHub offers unlimited free build minutes, but if you use a private repository, you'll have to pay for this time.


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