Google Cloud Platform Developer Roadshow, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam by GCPUG and GDG

Please come join us for some great learning and discussion on the future of compute, storage, big data and the power of Google Cloud Platform. Register here.

*GCPUG (Google Cloud Platform User Group) is a group for Cloud users, fans, experts and scholars. *GDG (Google Developer Group) is developer community by the developers, for the developers with a shared interest in Google technologiesCities/Dates/Start Time/Venues

Hanoi, Vietnam 26 August, Wednesday 6pm to 9pm VTC Academy

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 27 August, Thursday 6pm to 9pm TBC


15 min Registration

10 min Welcome

45 min Firebase – Build Extraordinary Apps

Firebase is a new member of Google Cloud Platform, but a proven tool for creating real-time experiences. Firebase is the fastest way to build your app. Come and learn how you can build applications quickly without managing complex infrastructure.

45 min Innovation. Not Infrastructure. An overview of Google Compute Engine (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta)

Run large-scale workloads on virtual machines hosted on Google’s infrastructure. Choose a VM that fits your needs and gain the performance of Google’s worldwide fiber network. Come and learn about the differentiated advantages of Google Compute Engine. OR Desired State: Containing Chaos with Kubernetes (Kuala Lumpur) Docker is huge and in time you’ll have more containers than you know what to do with. Come to this talk to learn how Kubernetes allows you to spend less time automating the management, orchestration and scaling of your container based apps and microservices and more time developing them. OR Modern DevOps with GCP (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok) In this talk I will discuss different ways of developing and operating infrastructures for web services, also referred to as DevOps. This will include topics such as infrastructure provisioning, continuous integration, application deployment, and monitoring. GCP services such as load-balancing and BigQuery, which are useful for improving efficiency of various DevOps processes, will also be covered. Finally, I will introduce Mackerel, a server monitoring SaaS that functions as a hub of actions pertaining to DevOps.

45 min Your Data and the World Beyond MapReduce

Google’s MapReduce has been the most important innovation in the Big Data industry in last decade, which provided the technical foundation for Apache Hadoop MapReduce and other solutions. But at Google, we have moved to next generation technologies such as Dremel, Flume and MillWheel that replace the classic MapReduce infrastructure. In this session, we will introduce two products from Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow, that allow developers to leverage the power of the Google’s latest Big Data technologies.

20 min Q&A and Networking


Kazunori Sato, Developer Advocate

Kazunori Sato is a Developer Advocate at Cloud Platform team, Google Inc. He works as an advocate for Google Cloud Platform developer communities in Asia for, such as GCP User Group (GCPUG), #bq_sushi, and gcp ja night. He also supports Big Data product launch such as Cloud Dataflow and BigQuery.

Shinji Tanaka, Google Developer Expert

Shinji Tanaka is the Chief Technology Officer at Hatena Co., Ltd. Hatena provides a variety of web-based services including Hatena Blog, and Hatena Bookmark. Launched in 2014, Hatena’s newest service, Mackerel, is a cloud management SaaS.

Shinji is responsible for the technology behind all of Hatena’s services from front-end to infrastructure.

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