What I'm doing now

Updated March 14th, 2022, from Vietnam.


I’m work for Fossil. Data Team leader. My team is looking for Sr Data Engineer too.


I feeling in love with Rust. I’m learning Rust to build a high-performance, high-quality, and high-reliability Data Platform and Data Services.

My Rust hobby projects working on:

  • grant-rs: Manage Redshift/Postgres privileges in GitOps style written in Rust
  • glossary-rs: Glossary API Service written in Rust, powered by actix.rs and diesel.rs.
  • Data Platform (experimental).

I also “try” to learn Data Structure and Algorithm (again). But still not. I’m lazy. Hopefully I’ll learn it someday.


I’m reading again. I’ve hardly read anything in the last few years due to hardwork.

Suggest me something.